• On The Bubble: Is Dolph Coming In or Going Out?

    On The Bubble: Is Dolph Coming In or Going Out? I can’t speak for my counterparts on the Wrestling Corner website, but I myself have been a supporter of Dolph Ziggler since day one. When other guys were looking at Daniel Bryan I was looking at Dolph. Sure, when it comes to pure wrestling ability, my best friend Michael (One of the admins on our site) would be quick to point out that in a pure wrestling match Dolph would get his ass handed to him by a guy like Daniel Bryan. However, I would be quick to point out

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  • The Innovation of Khaos — The Chosen One(s) [Part I]

    IoK - Chosen Ones

    (Article Set to the Anthem of “We Are One” by 12 Stones) “We Walk Alone… In The Unknown… We Live To See Another Victory. We Are The Young… Dying Sons… We Live To Change The Face Of History. So Be Afraid… It’s The Price We Pay… The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. So Hear Our Voice… We Have A Choice… It’s Time To Face It……..”   On Thursday, the WWE released a wave of superstars.  Nobody on the list was a megastar… no one was all that surprising… but the entire wrestling community took a look at that list of

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  • Wave One: WWE Release Six Superstars


    Wave One: WWE Release Six Superstars   This morning, it was announced in a WWE press release that the following six WWE Superstars / Diva’s have been released: Teddy Long Brodus Clay Evan Bourne Jinder Mahal Yoshi Tatsu Curt Hawkins Aksana Drew McIntyre This is only one wave of what is expected to be a very big list of superstars and talent being released.  WWE are downsizing a bit after the entire WWE Network “fraud” debacle. Stick with us as we’ll release the next set of names as we receive them! UPDATE: Referee Marc Harris JTG

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  • The Wraparound — Been Around The World and Aye Yai Yai

    Wraparound V

    It’s been a long week.  I missed the England show, at least the coverage.  I saw it, don’t get me wrong, but really, it was one of those great crowds with a mediocre showing.  But it’s been the same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to the WWE lately, and in that regard, let’s get to work with what the deal has been.   Looking Back The Good: Ruthless Aggression I have been a sports fan longer than I’ve been a wrestling fan, and in that, one of those sports I’ve never been able to get into is soccer, or

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  • The Innovation of Khaos — Remember When I Said That Thing? [Back To The Future, Part II]

    IoK Remember

    Minions… it dawned on me awhile back… while I’m sitting here, patiently waiting for Payback so that I can see the few levels of intrigue play themselves out, that I’ve said a lot of things in regards to the world of Professional Wrestling, and as I’ve struggled mightily I’ll admit, at trying to find a foothold in everything going on between TNA, WWE, and even ROH, I started to look back, just even in this calendar year, of all the things I’ve been looking at… trying to grab onto that same foothold. I pulled my initial article on the WWE

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  • Roundtable: Bring Back That Title, Or No?


    Roundtable: Bring Back That Title, Or No?   Quite often on the Wrestling Corner the guys will sit around and talk about the “old school days” of the wrestling world. We don’t talk so much about what guys should be champ, could have, etc, but rather what titles should make a return to the squared circle. Join us in this edition of the Roundtable where we will each give a title we think should be brought back and why. Some of us will even go as far as to tell you what titles we feel should be removed from WWE,

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  • Roundtable – Unified World Titles: Like or Dislike?

    World Titles

    Roundtable – Unified World Titles: Like or Dislike?   Not too long ago John Cena and Randy Orton were embroiled in a battle to determine who would be the “one and only” champion in WWE. Their battle’s led them to come to a head where Randy Orton won both titles and thus effectively became the unified champion. But, are the titles really unified? Is there really a difference in how things are now versus how they were a few months ago? Our team will discuss our thoughts and views on the melding of titles, and we want your input as

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  • The Wraparound — The American Dream vs. The American Reality

    The Wraparound Part IV

    Gonna get down to it, because again I’m behind the clock, and I can’t ever help myself by working through this. It’s what I get for running on no sleep and having a life outside of you freakin’ people. The Before [The Week That Was] Smackdown was kind of the highlight of the week.  I didn’t really take a lot away from Raw, not to say it wasn’t good, it was just wasn’t a lot to take away from it.  Everything was still on the same path it’s been on.  There’s been no major developments, the scene hasn’t changed.  Kane

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