• Tanner’s Take on WWE: Money in the Bank


    WWE Money in the Bank PRE SHOW Daniel Bryan comes out to a lot of “YES” chants.  He announces that he doesn’t know when he will be back.  Bo Dallas interrupts the promo and tells him to Bolieve. Bryan thanks him for the advice but thinks he’s acting like a boner. He then tells him to Bo-leave as the his music plays and chants “YES” along with the fans. I get why Bo Dallas was out there. He didn’t have a match on the card and is getting his character over. With enough time, he will be a superstar…one day. I didn’t

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  • On The Bubble: Is Dolph Coming In or Going Out?

    Dolph Ziggler

    On The Bubble: Is Dolph Coming In or Going Out? I can’t speak for my counterparts on the Wrestling Corner website, but I myself have been a supporter of Dolph Ziggler since day one. When other guys were looking at Daniel Bryan I was looking at Dolph. Sure, when it comes to pure wrestling ability, my best friend Michael (One of the admins on our site) would be quick to point out that in a pure wrestling match Dolph would get his ass handed to him by a guy like Daniel Bryan. However, I would be quick to point out

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  • The Innovation of Khaos — The Chosen One(s) [Part I]

    IoK - Chosen Ones

    (Article Set to the Anthem of “We Are One” by 12 Stones) “We Walk Alone… In The Unknown… We Live To See Another Victory. We Are The Young… Dying Sons… We Live To Change The Face Of History. So Be Afraid… It’s The Price We Pay… The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. So Hear Our Voice… We Have A Choice… It’s Time To Face It……..”   On Thursday, the WWE released a wave of superstars.  Nobody on the list was a megastar… no one was all that surprising… but the entire wrestling community took a look at that list of

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  • Wave One: WWE Release Six Superstars


    Wave One: WWE Release Six Superstars   This morning, it was announced in a WWE press release that the following six WWE Superstars / Diva’s have been released: Teddy Long Brodus Clay Evan Bourne Jinder Mahal Yoshi Tatsu Curt Hawkins Aksana Drew McIntyre This is only one wave of what is expected to be a very big list of superstars and talent being released.  WWE are downsizing a bit after the entire WWE Network “fraud” debacle. Stick with us as we’ll release the next set of names as we receive them! UPDATE: Referee Marc Harris JTG

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  • What Happened to Mexico’s Greatest Export?

    I’ve always been a Del Rio fan, and people have always wondered why. When he was feuding with Punk and Cen in late 2011 he was playing a great heel role and was hated. He hasn’t garnered the same crowd reaction since Ricardo Rodriguez and him have parted ways. At one time he was at the top of WWE, winning the Royal Rumble and going on to Wrestlemania to take on World Champion Edge. Although, it was the opening match and would be Edge’s last, I thought that Del Rio was able to elevate the match overall with his different

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  • Is WWE Setting Up Mojo to Fail?

    Every promising blue-chip athlete kind of has the same criteria, from the Rock to Cena to Bo Dallas. Crowd interactions, positivity and always smiling even when they lose. A little catch phrase for the kids to help them get the crowd behind them and highly protected booking wise.. Eventually, the momentum slows as evident with chants like “die Rocky die”, We’ve “Cenanough”, and “No more Bo”. I think eventually Mojo Rawley is going to be turned on by the crowd. This was no more evident when at NXT Takeover he came out to challenge Rusev and got squashed. I saw

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  • WWE Payback Predictions

    Will Daniel Bryan Give Up the Title to Save His Wives Job? Daniel Bryan said no to surrendering his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Raw last week. Stephanie then threatened Brie Bella’s job. Daniel Bryan needs to make a choice: surrender it or have Brie fired. The Daniel Bryan saga is ongoing. I understand giving this decision a bigger spotlight. Do I think he will give up the title? No. Should he? Yes! It’s what is best for business. But if they were going that route why haven’t they done so already? Regardless, the Daniel Bryan saga will be talked

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  • Adam Rose’s In Ring Debut

    I’m going to take some time to talk about what I thought about Adam Rose’s in-ring debut on Raw this past week. Of course, NXT fans have seen him in action for a couple years and I admit he has started to grow on me. As Leo Kruger, he seemed polished and eventually came into his own but seemed to lack that “it” factor. He popped up once again before NXT became what it would be known to today as a “hacker” gimmick which fell flat. We have seen the exotic express and Adam Rose vignettes since Wrestlemania and I

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