Sting and WWE Come To Agreement

For as long as I can remember WWE have been trying to land Sting in their ranks. Also for as long as I can remember Sting has always denied them this option, that is, until earlier today. WWE sources are reporting that Sting and WWE have come to an agreement, resulting in Sting’s having a “legends” contract with wrestlings biggest company.

From what my source has said, Sting has agreed to a few high profile matches, as well as a Hall of Fame induction in the near future. WWE has kept the option to not have Sting wrestle at all if they so choose, and just release a DVD set featuring his tenure with WCW. From my understanding of this deal, it appears the DVD would be called “Sting: The Legend of WCW” and it would be released through WWE’s home video branch.

Outside of my source, it appears that’s DiMoro is also reporting almost the exact same thing, with a few minor differences. Wrestling Corner will update the site as we gather more information on this breaking news story!

As for right now all I can personally say is this: Welcome Home Sting!

15 thoughts on “Sting and WWE Come To Agreement”

    1. WWE bought WCW and merged them together, hence the “brand separation” and so even though the WCW portion is officially “dead” within WWE, this is still WCW’s home as well. Not only that, but when I say welcome home, I mean that in a “welcome to where you belong” sense, not a literal sense. ~MB~

      1. i agree with what michael said for the most IS finally time to see STING get the props he is due.i have followed wrestling since i was a very young man.i was lucky enough to meet STING aboard a cruise put together by WCW. loved it.the true legends of WCW are due their props as well as WWE.they are the ones that truly got us this far and will be the ones to lead us to the future.

      1. Firstly, if you plan on insulting a company you should at least know how to form a basic sentence with the correct words and structure. Secondly, by calling someone an “assclown” you have shown that more than likely you are 12 years old and on the internet without parental permission. That being said, you should probably shut up and go back to the hole you crawled out of. #YoureWelcome

  1. It would be ok for Sting to return to TNA if he chooses after his agreement with WWE has expired. Will there be a TNA in the next 5 or 10 years? Who knows. Once he becomes a part of the WWE by Legends contract or just a standard contract, he will always be a part of the WWE. Good for him and I hope to see it happen. Whether or not the product with WWE is good right now, it would complete Sting’s illustrious career to be a part of the pinnacle of the wrestling business at least once in his lifetime.

  2. I agree wrestling is not fun to watch anymore. they cheaat and lie. I know its fake but they are full of it. Put stupid matches 2gether as well as not having any respect for the veterans of the game. just a couple of months ago they beat up legendary dusty rhodes. was not called for. its more wrong than anything now. a lot of time i just turn to something else to watch now.

  3. I hope WWE hires a personal trainer for Sting. Even a man in his early 50s can pack on some muscle. Sting is a dry husk of the man he was with the build he had back in the 1990s. I’m not saying he has to get jakked but a little tone and definition for the former body builder would be nice. That way he can fight off the years and stop wrestling in a T-shirt (ashamed of his body like a fat kid in a swimming pool)

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